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Musical Creations for Flute & Piano with Laurel Zucker & John Cozza


Eric Ewazen Sonata No. 1
Eldin Burton Sonatina
Oliver Messiaen Merle Noir
Ned McGowan Cleveland Times
Daniel Baldwin Autumn Serenade
Laurel Zucker Grand Canyon Duo
Lil Lite O Mine - Flute Music By Composers of African Descent with Laurel Zucker & John Cozza


Sonatina, Pied Piper of Harlem, Flute Set for Solo flute by Adolphus Hailstork
Tangente au Yanvalou by Julio Racine
Three Brevities by Hale Smith,
Three Songs by William Grant Still,
Preludio by Leo Brouwer
Sonata No. 1 by Chevalier de St George
Deep River by Samuel Coleridge Taylor.
Sonata a la Baroque for flute, Lil lite O Mine by Coleridge Taylor- Perkinson
Flute Music by Composers of African Descent - Volume 2. John Cozza, pianist. Jia-Mo Chen, cellist


Afro American Suite by Undine Smith Moore
Six Poemes Noir by David Baker
Mother & Child, Gamin, Two Cameos by William Grant Still
Voudou Sonata by Julio Racine
Sonata 2 & 3 by Chevalier de St George
You Kuhlau Three Grand Flute Duos Concertante Opus 87 with Judith Mendenhall, Mindy Kaufman & Laurel Zucker.

Histories Du Tango for Flute & Harp - Laurel Zucker & Susan Jolles.


Histoire du Tango by Piazzolla,
Sonata by John Marson
Garden of Adonis by Alan Hohvaness, Aurora by Zucker.
Galápagos Wind Music Composed by Laurel Zucker - Deborah Shidler, Sandra McPherson, David Wells, Eric Aiken, Daniel Kennedy


The Galápagos Wind Quintet
Windy Wind Quartet
Biddy Biddy Bam Bam
Day in the Life of a Sloth
Leaving Gig Harbor.
Lyrical Sonatas for flute & guitar - Zucker & Mark Delpriora


Sonata by Mark Delpriora
Sonata- Lied by Angelo Gilardino,
Honduras Sonata, Buddy Biddy by Zucker.

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Romanza Andaluza for Flute and Guitar

Music by Joaquin Rodrigo, Maximo Diego Pujol, Pablo Sarasate, Emile Pessard, Enrique Granados, Francisco Gonzalez

2006 review "a slice of heaven!" - [Read Review]

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