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Brazilian Butterfly Circle
Chamber music by Laurel Zucker

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"December Duo for flute and piano, mvt. 1"

Marc Shapiro (pianist), Deb Shidler(oboist), Jia Mo Chen(cellist), Heather Powell(violinist), Jim Eens(violist) Sandra McPherson(clarinetist), David A. Wells(bassoonist) Kim Davis (flutist on Musical Wrens)

Music includes:
December Duo for flute and piano
Tennessee Wind Quartet
Musical Wrens for Two Flutes
Brazilian Butterfly Circle Wind Quartet
The Harpy Eagle Soars for flute and string trio
Harbor Sounds for flute, viola and cello
Italian Wind Quartet
Simple Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon
Interview for Minnesota Public Radio Aug. 21, 2013
Wind Quartets, Wind Quintets, Flute Concerto for flute solo and string orchestra

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"CoffeeLand from The Washington State Flute Concerto
Puget Sound Flute and Guitar Workshop 2013"

Dan Banner, David Goldblatt, Rufus Olivier, Sarah Knutsen, Stephanie Fong, Stephanie McNab , Deb Shidler, Eric Aichen, Roman Fukshansky, Andrei Gorbatenko

Music includes
Middle Eastern Fixation, Washington State Flute Concerto, Aurora Borealis, HAARP, Irregularities, ORCA Quintet, Christolino Wind Quintet, Ambata for flute and Bassoon

Skywalker Sound

Leslie Ann Jones

Assistant Producer
Dann Thompson
Soundscapes of the Americas
Laurel Zucker, flutist; Susan Jolles, harpist; Mark Delpriora, guitarist; Richard Locker, cellist


Brazilian Sounds for Flute, Cello & Guitar
Tears of the Amazon for Flute, Cello & Guitar
Rocky Shores for Flute & Guitar
A Walk in the Rain for Flute & Harp
Celtic Snowflakes for Flute & Harp
The Jabiru Suite for Flute & Cello (3 Movements)
South American Suite for Flute & Guitar (5 Movements)
Tennessee Cloud Suite for Flute & Harp (5 Movements)
When the Moon is Blue for Flute & Guitar
Locomotion for Flute & Guitar
Composed by Laurel Zucker; Leslie Ann Jones, Producer; Recorded at Skywalker Recording Studios 2011

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"The Castro in the 70s from the California Flute Concerto"

Sphinx - Cairo Flute Concerto, Mvt 1
Alexandria-Cairo Flute Concerto, Mvt 2
Cairo-Cairo Flute Concerto, Mvt 3
Northern California-California Flute Concerto, Mvt 1
The Quilt Of Names-California Flute Concerto, Mvt 2
The Castro In The 70s-California Flute Concerto, Mvt 3
The Dance-Cuban Trio For Flute, Clarinet In B Flat And Cello, Mvt 1
Cuban Village - The Cuban Trio For Flute, Clarinet In B Flat And Cello - Mvt 2
Grumpy Old Village Lady - The Cuban Trio For Flute, Clarinet In B Flat And Cello, Mvt 3
Peruvian Afternoon In The Jungle For Flute, Guitar, Cello
Disconnected For Flute, Guitar, Cello
Dry Season-Peruvian Suite For Flute And Guitar, Mvt 1
Rainy Evening In The Jungle-Peruvian Suite Fior Flute And Guitar, Mvt 2
Tahayo-Peruvian Suite For Flute And Guitar, Mvt 3
Zipline-Peruvian Suite For Flute And Guitar, Mvt 4
Yellow Hooded Manakin Lek - Trinidad Suite For Flute And Viola, Mvt 1
Song Of The Sour Orange Tree-Trinidad Suite For Flute And Viola, Mvt 2
Oropendulas-Trinidad Suite For Flute And Viola, Mvt 3
Mango John And The Wild Nutmeg Tree-Trinidad Suite For Flute And Viola, Mvt 4
Walking On The Bellbird Trail-Trinidad Suitem Fo Flute And Viola, Mvt 5
Strange Dreams For Flute, Flugelhorn And Vibes
Far Away Dreams For Flute, Trumpet And Marimba
Bicycling Uphill For Flute And Bass
Osbaly Hovar For Clarinet In B Flat And Cello

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Romanza Andaluza for Flute and Guitar

Music by Joaquin Rodrigo, Maximo Diego Pujol, Pablo Sarasate, Emile Pessard, Enrique Granados, Francisco Gonzalez

2006 review "a slice of heaven!" - [Read Review]

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