Laurel Zucker Flutist

Sheet music compositions by Laurel Zucker

Alry Music Publications
December Duo for flute and piano
Harbor Sounds for flute, viola, cello
The Jabiru Suite for flute and cello

Fatrock Ink Music Publishers.
Shanghai for flute choir
Andante for flute Choir
Goodbye Trio for flute, cello, guitar
Disconnected Trio for flute, cello, guitar
Afternoon in a Peruvian Jungle for flute, cello, guitar
Honduras Sonata for flute and guitar
Grand Canyon Duo for flute & piano
Celtic Snowflakes for flute & harp
Walk in the Rain for flute & harp
Tennessee Cloud Suite for flute & harp
Aurora for flute and piano

Jabiru Music Publications (if you wish to order direct:
Cuban Trio for flute, clarinet, cello
Tennessee Duo for flute & piano
Italian Wind Quartet
Tennessee Wind Quartet
Brazilian Butterfly Circle Wind Quartet
Irregularities Wind Quartet
HAARP for Wind Quartet
Aurora Borealis Wind Quartet
Day in the Life of a Sloth Wind Quartet
The Windy Wind Quartetv
Leaving Gig Harbor Wind Quartet
Biddy Biddy Bam Bam -fl, ob, bassoon bong
Musical Wrens of Brazil for 2 flutes
The Harpy Eagle Soars-Flute & string trio
Simple Trio for fl, bassoon, clarinet
ORCA Wind Quintet
Christolino Wind Quintet
Galápagos Wind Quintet
Washington State Flute Concerto
California Flute Concerto
Middle Eastern Fixation-Flute, oboe, strings
Cairo Flute Concerto
Trinidad Suite for flute and viola
Bicycling Uphill for flute and bass
Ambata for flute and bassoon