Laurel Zucker Flutist

Sheet music compositions by Laurel Zucker

Available as a .zip download, which includes PDFs for score and all parts.
Published by Cantilena Records.
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The Musical Wrens of Brazil
For Two Flutes

For Flute and Bassoon

Osbaly Hovar
For Clarinet in B flat and Cello

Grumpy Old Village Lady
Movement I from the Cuban Trio for Clarinet (or Oboe), Flute, and Cello (or Bassoon)

Cuban Village
Movement II from The Cuban Trio for Flute, Clarinet (or Oboe), and Cello (or Bassoon)

The Dance
Movement III from The Cuban Trio for Flute, Clarinet (or Oboe), and Cello (or Bassoon)

The Trinidad Suite for Flute and Viola

I spent a week in Trinidad at the Asa Wright Center, which is a remarkable place to see many different animals, trees, and birds of Trinidad. Each of the five movements from The Trinidad Suite for flute and viola represent different walks I took.

The Golden Maniken Lek, movement one, musically describes my observations of these small birds called Manikens doing mating dances. We watched five different male manikens performing the most extraordinary gymnastics to attract the female. The winner was able to be with the female maniken. We totally agreed with the female bird\'s choice of partner!

Movement 2, Song of the Sour Orange Tree, uses a melody that I composed when I was 23 years old inspired by Garcia Lorca\'s poem, Song of the Barren Orange Tree. When I walked by a sour orange tree in the forest of Trinidad I finally realized that I wanted to use this melody in a flute and viola duet.

Movement 3, Orependulas, loosely uses the melodies that the birds, Orependulas sing. These crow-sized birds are hilarious and and truly entertained me with their antics and amazing songs.

Movement 4, Mango John and the Wild Nutmeg Tree, is a comical, light-hearted song making a joke about the tree called Mango John. I had thought that Mango John was a man who lived at Asa Wright Center so when I found out that it was the name of a type of mango tree I found it funny. There was a huge Wild Nutmeg Tree growing next to Mango John so I thought that composing a humorous instrumental ballad would be appropriate.

The last movement, Movement 5, Running Down the Bellbird Trail, exactly imitates the song of the Bellbird which can be heard all through the forest. The Bearded Bellbird song sounds like an extremely loud anvil being struck at fairly regular intervals. These birds sit up in the top of very high trees and can be difficult to visually spot. I kept running on a trail called the Bellbird Trail trying to locate this great sounding bird, with no success.

There are very few duets published for flute and viola, which I find surprising because these two instruments sound great together!

The Musical Wrens of Brazil
For two flutes

Movement I from Cairo Flute Concerto for flute and string quintet (or string orchestra)

Movement II from Cairo Flute Concerto for flute and string quintet (or string orchestra)

Movement III from Cairo Flute Concerto for flute and string quintet (or string orchestra)

Middle Eastern Fixation
For string quintet (or string orchestra)

Homage to Jimi Hendrix
For solo flute

For solo flute

For solo flute

The Aviary
For solo flute

For solo flute

The Jabiru Suite

For flute and cello

Movement I - The Jabiru
Movement II - The Capybaras and Caimen Sleep
Movement III - The Spider Monkey Swing

Strange Dreams
For flute, flugelhorn, and vibraphone

Far Away Dreams
For flute, flugelhorn, and marimba

Rocky Shores
For flute and guitar

A Walk in the Rain
For flute and harp

For flute and guitar

When the Moon is Blue
For flute and guitar

Bicycling Uphill

For flute and bass

I composed this piece as a description of what it feels like bicycling uphill on very steep terrain. The flute and contra-bass are a terrific combination so it is surprising that there are no compositions written for this duo.