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The J.S. Bach Trio Sonatas
Laurel Zucker, Sara Andon, Gerald Ranck, and Richard Locker


SONATA a Tre in F Major (BWV 529)
   Allegro, Largo, Allegro

TRIO SONATA in B flat Major (BWV 1015)
   Dolce, Allegro assai, Andante un poco, Presto

TRIO SONATA in G Major (BWV 1039)
   Adagio, Allegro ma non tanto, Adagio e piano, Allegro moderato

TRIO SONATA in C Major (BWV 1037)
   Adagio, Alla Breve, Largo, Gigue

TRIO SONATA in G Major (BWV 1038)
   Largo, Vivace, Adagio, Presto
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