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The Complete Kuhlau Flute Duos & Divertissements
Laurel Zucker and Renee Siebert


Laurel Zucker - Flute 1
Renee Siebert - Flute 2


Three Duos for Two Flutes, Opus 10
·Duo No. 1 Allegro con espression
·Duo No. 1 Larghetto
·Duo No. 1 Allegro
·Duo No. 2 Allegrissimo
·Duo No. 2 Larghetto con express: malinconica
·Duo No. 2 Rondo
·Duo No. 3 Allegro assai
·Divertissement No. 3 for flute, Opus 68
·Divertissement No. 4
·Divertissement No. 5 for flute, Opus 68-Adagio
·Divertissement No. 5-Scherzo/Presto
·Divertissement No. 6


Three Virtuoso Duets for Two Flutes Opus 102* Duet No. 1 Allegro assai
·Duet No. 1 Andante cantabile
·Duet No. 1 Rondo
·Duet No. 2 Adagio-Allegro assai, con molto fuoco
·Duet No. 2 Variations on an Old Swedish Air
·Duet No. 3 Allegro vivace
·Duet No. 3 Adagio
·Duet No. 3 Rondo
·Divertissement No. 1, Opus 68 Adagio
·Divertissement No. 1 Alla Pollacca
·Divertissement No. 2 Allegro
·Divertissement No. 2 Larghetto

"You might think that just over two hours of music for flutes and nothing but flutes would be awfully boring, but, no, it certainly is not. We don't mind listening to two hours of piano music, or vocal music, or organ music, or two full disks of the Bach solo cello suites. And perhaps the point is that the flute, or two flutes, are capable of a great range of expression and just as capable of holding our attention as other instruments. Also this music is fascinating, constantly new and full of life and adventure. I assume these are teaching pieces, or are at least used as teaching pieces, and these excellent flutists decided to make them available to the public in this recording. "
MUSICWEB International
2006. [Read full review]

"One of my best holiday treats this year was just having time for repeated listening to this fine recording. (One of three recordings produced this year by Zucker: See also her recent album 'Hope; Music from Israel and South American' for a nice variety of works for flute, voice and guitar, on Cantilena CD66027-2). This two-CD recording of Friedrich Kuhlaus, Opus 10 and Opus 102 Duos for two flutes and the six solo Divertissement from Opus 68 should have interest far beyond the community of flute players (who cherish these works for recreational and teaching purposes) and it is sure to enthrall the general audience as well. In fact, these performances by Zucker and Siebert are so strong, so musical, so technically dazzling, and so compelling that even your friends and colleagues (who may have only known of Kuhlau from having learned his simpler and more straight forward sonatinas in their early piano study) will be forced to reconsider his place in music history and come to view him as the 'Beethoven of the Flute.' The duets are like small symphonies and the solo divertissements are equal to the best coloratura operatic writing of the bel canto period.

And these performances bring out every nuance and dramatic gesture. The intonation is flawless, the balance is superb, and the ensemble is sympathetic. Although they live on opposite coasts, these two flutists play as if they were joined at the hip at birth. Alternating on the first parts of the duets, it is almost impossible to tell any difference in style or tone. They are both completely at the service of the music and in complete control, with a wide dynamic range, highly expressive rubatos, smooth tempos changes and phrasing, and a strong sense of direction in the musical line that pulls you along with them. (J.E.P.)
The Flute Network Recommends

"The Best New Recordings From North America. In the mood to be charmed? Kuhlau's your man. Passages in thirds can thrill, the Variations on an Old Swedish air in opus 102 can charm.... Recorded at Concordia College in New York, the sound is excellent, as one would expect when Grammy-winning Adam Abeshouse is involved..."
Gramophone Magazine,  December 2004 (Page A9-10)

"I principally enjoyed the way the two flutists captured the different moods and colors that Kahlau established within his intricate compositions. Their technical expertise with their instruments and complete understanding of the meaning and overall intent of the music allow the listener the pleasure of a candid look into the mind of one of the world's great composers."
DMUSIC.COM [Rated 10/10]
2004. [Read full review]

"I am finding out through several albums of listening pleasure recently that Laurel Zucker is one of the very best flutists in the world today and she aligns herself on projects with the best in the industry. On this 2-disc set, she combines her graceful talents with those of another renowned and respected flutist, Renee Siebert...."
EVOLVINGARTIST.COM [Evolution Scale  9.5/10]
2004. [Read full review]

BUZZLE.COM [Rated 10/10]
2004. [Read full review]

2004. [Read full review]

ZONGOO.COM [Rated 10/10]
2004. [Read full review]

2004. [Read full review]

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