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The Claude Bolling Suites for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio
Laurel Zucker, Joe Gilman, Jeff Neighbor, David Rokeach


Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio
·Baroque and Blue
·Versatile (with bass flute)

Suite No. 2 for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio
·Affectueuse (with alto flute)

"Dear Laurel Zucker, Your recording is beautiful, musician partners are excellent and your flute playing superb!!!"
CLAUDE BOLLING - March 17, 2004.

"Bolling sees his suites, which make use of musical methods from both classical and jazz traditions, not as examples of fusion but of dialogue between musical idioms. The 1973 Suite was the first of a whole series of such works and was composed for performance by Jean Pierre Rampal - later ones have been written for, amongst others Yo-Yo Ma, Pinchas Zukerman and Maurice Andre."
MUSICWEB International
2006. [Read full review]

"The marriage of jazz and classical music is not a new concept. The Paul Whiteman Orchestra would regularly use European music as an entry point for their audience in the early days of commercial jazz. Stan Kenton attempted to fuse the two worlds with great success in the 1940s and 1950s. More recently, Wynton Marsalis explored the concept of jazz/classical fusion with his Blood on the Fields. Then, of course, there is the great George Gershwin. However, these fusions are all attempted with larger groups, taking the big band as a basis and adding further instrumentation to bring grandeur."
MUSICWEB International
2006. [Read full review]

"About an hour and a half of refined West Coast jazz excellently composed and performed ..."
Patrick Gary - MusicWeb. 2004. [Read full review]

"If you wish to add Bolling's delightful, unpretentious suites to your collection, this beautifully recorded release has "first choice" written all over it."
Jed Distler - Classics Today. 2004. [Read full review]

"As always, her performances are lyrical and soaring, the intonation flawless, and the rhythmic clean and driving. Laurel brings out the character of these pieces with a luxuriant tone, a singing and subtly expressive vibrato, and utterly liquid leaps..."
2004. [Read full review]

"Indeed, it takes a special group of talented musicians to play this music in a convincing and proper manner. After listening to both CDs, I found all of those factors in place that made for a particularly wonderful listening experience."
DMUSIC.COM [Rated 10/10]
2004. [Read full review]

"All 15 tracks are a truly amazing exhibition of musicianship and musical perfection note by note. I must also point your attention to the fact that each member is such an important piece of this musical puzzle, although Zucker's flute stands out, the piano of Gilman, the bass of Neighbor and the percussion of Rokeach is extraordinary. They all work very well together and compliment each other's parts wonderfully."
2004. [Read full review]

"...The reason this works so well is that they draw from so many wellsprings of musical diversity. This CD set is proof that classical music can work with any genre of music if you do it right."
2004. [Read full review]

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