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Virtuoso Flutist
Laurel Zucker with Pianist Robin Sutherland


·Prokofiev Sonata in D Major- Moderato
·Allegro con brio
·Francis Poulenc Sonata - Allegro malincolico
·Presto Giocoso           
·Claude Debussy - Syrinx for solo flute
·Cecile Chaminade for Flute and Piano, Opus 107

"...the langorous phrasing in the Debussy is especially winsome." FANFARE MAGAZINE

FEATURE ARTICLE IN THE SAC BEE - ENCORE SECTION 1993 "There's Wind in Her Sails... Flutist Laurel Zucker, the owner of Cantilena Records, has just released its first two CDs: "Laurel Zucker Virtuoso Flutist", and "An American Flute Recital". The first features lovely and loving interpretations by Zucker of four standards: Prokofiev Sonata, Poulenc Sonata, Debussy Syrinx, and Chaminade Concertino. In the second album Zucker is more experimental but no less lyrical playing three of her own compositions and five by other American 20th century composers: Aaron Copland Duo, Kent Kennan Night Soliloquy, Alec Wilder Sonata No. 2, and Daniel Kingman Scenario Musicale. Zucker says "I want to record as much of the flute literature as possible - virtually everything that has been written for the instrument. It's a never-ending life-long project..." SACRAMENTO BEE 1993

"Highly recommended."
Vlaams Fluitsten Tijdschrif

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